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Image by Soraya García


Home Grown, Organically Raised Sheep for Fiber Only!

If you are looking for local yarn from sheep that are raised in Maine, look no further.


Spun in Vermont at Green Mountain Spinnery the finished wool is a combination of white wool and shades of brown wool from four different breeds of sheep. The final natural colored could be an oatmeal color to a medium brown grey to a weathered grey color. Our wool is greenspun into yarn with organic oil.


Then the yarn is then dyed with plants, flowers, roots, barks, mushrooms and lichens on our organic farm. The yarn is dyed in 1 pound batches with numerous safe mordants  and real live plants during August and September.

Some dyes come  from native plants and other dyes from flowers that I have grown. Mordants and after dips can bring about many different shades or hues from the same dye pot. The color ranges are significant within one depot 

when using after dips of ammonia, vinegar and soaked rusty nail baths, copper pennies and iron sulfate. The dyed color baths are full of light and natural beauty. The heather colored natural wool lends itself nicely to natural plant dyes. 

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